Did you know that high-quality roses from GIFTPASSION stay beautiful for one to two years? These roses are very hardy so your loved ones can enjoy them for a long time compared to natural flowers.

The quality of life has increased
Through an advanced technical process, the rose retains its natural beauty, silky shine and beautiful bright color. The production process for making a sustainable rose therefore has no influence on the quality of the rose.

Watch out for humidity: If the humidity is too high, some colored flowers may flow out of the flower. Dark colors flow more easily. To avoid death, do not bring it into contact with any other light-colored flower or porous material.

Do you order sustainable company roses
With its charm and long-lasting beauty, these planters are ideal for a wide variety of activities. In addition to long-lasting flowers and other products, roses are also suitable for commercial purposes. Think of the Longlife rose bouquet.
These Long Life flower boxes are ideal to offer to relatives as well as to business.